meMy name is Ian. Iā€™m the creator of 9bit Studios. 9bit Studios is a portal for a variety of web development projects aimed at providing solutions for uniquely different website needs. In addition to this, I also try to offer free downloads and tutorials on the blog on a semi-regular basis that might also assist you in creating the website or web application that you want to create. Most of my tweets are also directed towards this end… tweeting about freebies, tutorials, and the like from popular design and development blogs on the Internets. I have also written a few books here and there on various technologies within web development.

Basically, I have been web designer / developer for a good number years now and even though I have been at it for a while, I never seem to tire of it. There’s always something new to learn. So all of the elements that end up on this site are essentially a showcase of that in some form or another.

Do I make the greatest looking websites anyone has ever seen? Ummm…Probably not. But even though I am maybe not the black-belt ninja, or guru, or [insert buzz-word here] designer/developer I’d like to be, the journey is the fun part and with the development world constantly changing and evolving, you’ve never really arrived. The goal will always be to attempt to develop solutions to common web development challenges encountered across all technology stacks that are also as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Whether or not I succeed in said endeavor remains to be seen (and I’m always open to constructive feedback). šŸ™‚ I also try to go the extra-mile in terms of support in providing detailed documentation and tutorials to aid and assist you. Extensive e-mail support answering any questions you might have is also available to you as well.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay updated on numerous web design articles and tutorials on how you can further expand and enhance your website or web application. You can also follow 9bit Studios on Twitter or watch some videos at the 9bit Studios You Tube channel. More to be added there on an ongoing basis. Also, be sure to checkout the various repositories for different projects on GitHub

Ian C.